Saturday, November 27, 2010

Willie Nelson Busted for Possession...Again.

Everyone knows drug use among musicians is as commonplace as ramen in a college dorm room.
The sex, drugs, and rock n' roll mentality prevails long after other cliches of the 70s have lost their steam.
It's no surprise, then, that Willie Nelson was arrested for pot possession on Friday morning. The 77-year-old musician is just as well known for his love of chronic as any song in his lengthy catalog.
Most bloggers and journos would take the next several sentences to chastise law enforcement to leave ol' Willie alone and let grandpa smoke his pot.
Here is where I differ from most: Whether we take a liberal or conservative stance on the use of marijuana, it is still an illegal substance. Law enforcement will continue to, y'know, enforce the law.
My question is, why hasn't Willie learned how to keep the law off his back? As a lifetime pot smoker, one would think he'd know how to be more stealthy.
If rock star addicts like Nikki Sixx and Anthony Kiedis can be routine heroin users and manage to avoid being arrested for possession, how does Willie find himself in this situation multiple times?
Perhaps Sixx and Kiedis, both reformed, could teach Willie a thing or two when it comes to steering clear of run ins with the law.