Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Music Love Affair

I simply cannot date someone that is not as passionate about music as I am.
Several years ago, I was on a date with a guy when the all-important question came up.

I asked: "So, what are you favorite bands?"
He breezily replied: "Oh, I don't really have any, I guess. I kind of like music, but I don't have favorites".
I spent most of the rest of the date trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get out of there quickly.

My entire life was built on a musical foundation. I attended my first concert at age 5. I started seeing local bands when I was 14. I've been advocating for the scene since I was a teenager, let alone hours upon hours I've poured into listening to albums and going to concerts featuring my favorite national acts. I built a career around my love of music. I can't play an instrument, but I sing and perform with bands whenever possible.
It stands to reason if I eat, sleep, and breathe it: I'm looking for someone to share that with.

...And along came Luis.

We're both in the industry. We're both huge music lovers, and agree on most of the same bands. We have the same attitude towards music: You don't have to knock someone else's taste to be satisfied with your own opinions.

If we're going out on a date, it likely involves going to a concert.
If we're staying in, Luis cranks up the half stack and plays guitar in the living room. Or we throw on a concert dvd as background noise. Last night, we laid in bed in front of the computer watching interview clips from Mark Hoppus's show on Fuse TV, and Dave Navarro's web-based tv show.

Sometimes we just turn on Pandora and lay around singing along to tracks we like, and joking about how fast we can turn off the ones we don't. Whether I'm doing my best Brandon Flowers impression, Luis is showing me videos of Tyson Ritter making a very disgusting tuna melt, or we're debating the merits of underrated drummers...music is very much the core of our relationship.

Really, does it get much better than that?