Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Juke's "Down Low Cool"

Miami-based Juke packs a wollop with their new EP, "Down Low Cool".
The brand new title track opens the disc, with singer Eric Garcia conceding to living with the blues while trying to find the positive: A girl with long blonde hair, not wasting time crying for lost loved ones, and drinking to laugh at foes. The track also features a killer mouth harp solo.

Two tracks from 2008's "Lungbutter-The Blues Basement Tapes" are revisited and given a much-needed swift kick of energy.
"Mile-High Freak" and "Tiem" sound fresh and revitalized. Guitarist Evan Lamb really lets it rip on "Mile High Freak", building up to a full-on band jam before finding his way through a solo that showcases his talent.

The album doesn't lose momentum with "Sande's Song": a beautiful, folk-tinged, plaintive ode to Garcia's late mother.

The EP closes with 10 Miles to Go, in which Brian Lange pounds the drums with ferocity. Instead of petering out at the end, "Down Low Cool" closes with a wild growl.

Now that's what I call dirty blues!
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