Friday, May 6, 2011

The Cure For What Ails

I've never been one for change. If things could stay exactly as they are, in my happy little routine, with no shake-ups or upheaval, I'd be completely content. But life is at times tempestuous, and I'm clinging to my ideals in a world that demands constant reevaluation. What's a slow-moving Taurus girl to do?


The music is my consant. Even when it changes, it stays by my side; lifting my mood and supporting me in times of need.
Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. Sometimes, the song is a carry over from the previous day. Other times, it crashes my thoughts like a drunken partygoer, and I never fight it. I come to work and look it up on YouTube, then post the performance on Facebook to share with my fellow music lovers.

I focus on lyrics, finding the ones that suit my feelings best.
I focus on the bass line or the kick drum, wishing I had that kind of rhythm.
I focus on supporting my friends in their desire to play music to larger audiences, channeling their talents and passion into making their dreams a reality.

When you don't think anyone else can relate to what you're going through, share a song with them. You might be surprised.

Photo Credit: Kristina DaSilva

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