Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Davy Jones School of Dance

It all starts and ends with The Monkees. Some people just overlook these guys as a slapped together novelty band, but now is the time to explore the phenomenon that has swept the landscape of musical generations to follow: The Davy Jones Dance.
You know the one. Hip sway, foot shuffle, arm flail.
It all started with Davy...but it didn't end there. Everyone has their own variation, but in the end its all Davy.

Case Study Number One: Axl Rose

Axl has the patented sway down, and takes it to the next level with a deeper dip from side to side... but took out the arm movement and added microphone stand carrying.

Case Study Number Two: Michael Stipe

Stipe takes the arm flail to extremes, making it his signature move on the variation.

Case Study Number Three: Scott Weiland

Scott's is pretty much the same, save for some added head bobbing.

My theory is, when you decide to become a frontman, you're given the option to attend the Davy Jones School of Dance. Davy works with you one on one to ensure you develop a move that's all your own, coaching you every step of the way.
This makes for a successful performance, and higher self worth.

Here are examples of said dances:

Daydream Believer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uohP4gk0wU

Paradise City:

Losing My Religion:


Big Bang Baby:



  1. Thank you, ma'am. It's something I've been saying since high school, I just never put it all together in one place :)