Monday, April 12, 2010


I do so enjoy this channel. Better than just a string of music videos every day, they also show live concerts and other assorted performances.

I set my DVR for Kings of Leon, parts of the 2009 Glastonbury Festival, a Green Day performance from Munich, and various others I can't recall.
Tonight, I watched a performance that included several artists, but it was also a documentary of sorts. There were sit-down interviews with each of the performers, most of which I fast-forwarded through to get to Dave Matthews Band.

The featured song for their portion of the documentary was "Take Me to the River", and DMB was joined by Al Green. Imagine my surprise when the camera panned to stage left, and there stood Leroi Moore. I didn't even think about what year this performance could be from, turns out it was 2006, before he passed away. To see and hear him play after only seeing recent stuff was beautiful. He had a sound that was all his own.

Thanks, Paladia, for playing the awesome stuff.

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