Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pop Culture Fluff

Scanning the headlines on, a few names pop up that I've been seeing everywhere: Justin Bieber, Ke$sha, etc.
It's always interesting to see how pop culture evolves every decade, only to come
full circle and make the same cycle of trends popular all over again. There is no originality. Right now, the Grunge look is back in style, and 90s bands are reuniting like crazy.
In ten years, none of these artists will be making headlines in Rolling Stone. But in twenty years, they'll all be reuniting to play to the nostalgia of adults that were kids when they were around the first time.
I'm always pleased to report I am blissfully unaware of what these one hit wonders sound like.
Anyone remember Tweet, Big Tymers, Nine Days or Eamon? Bet you didn't until I rattled them off :)
Enjoy having those songs stuck in your head!

1 comment:

  1. Haha, I don't know ANY of those. But I do remember Jackyl.

    And as fluffy as Ke$ha is, I have to admit to being interested in her. I might even actually like her ;)