Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MTV to Alter Logo

I generally stray away from news stories on my blog, as I want this to be a place to have discussions about music in a more generalized way. You can get music news from various sources on the internet that are often far more timely. That being said, it's difficult to ignore when I come across a bit of news that has as much significance at the changing of MTV's logo.
The new design will no longer include the words "Music Television" underneath the iconic logo.
For those of us that grew up as part of the MTV Generation, this piece of news means a lot in the pop culture landscape. For anyone born after 1990, this likely bears little to no affect whatsoever.
Many of my contemporaries can tell you what our favorite music videos were from those early days. Today, MTV is known for rolling out intelligent programming like "Jersey Shore", virtually ignoring its musical roots. So I guess the change is appropriate, but sometimes I WANT MY MTV.

RIP, Music Television.

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  1. I think it was just inevitable. They haven't been 'music television' for a long time now. That being said, move the shows to another MTV channel, keep the iconic logo the way it is. MTV shouldn't forget where they came from. In a sense, there would be no Snooki or Jackass if it weren't for MTV. They started the whole reality show genre with the Real World, but I'd say they've gone overboard with it. Bring the videos back, have another channel strictly for shows! Reality killed the video star...