Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Music is Good For You

Like taking your vitamins and brushing your teeth, new music is good for you. Too often, we don't look beyond what is presented to us in the mainstream in terms of music. It pays to dig deeper than what is on the surface to find something with a little more substance. You will put forth a bit more effort for it, but it is always worth your time.
Last summer, I discovered a music website called lala.com that allows you to listen to entire albums from any genre one time. After the initial first time, you can purchase downloads for a reasonable fee, and create your own playlists. The feature I utilize most is the "New Releases" tab, which lists the week's new album releases in every genre.
I recently found the new single for Atlanta-based band The Constellations. They opened for RJD2 in Orlando last month, and put on a funky live performance. Scrolling further down the list, I came across a band I'd never heard of, called Speak and the Spells. They're a London-based garage punk band, and I really like their sound. I was flipping through the pages of the most recent issue of Spin magazine today, and happened upon a review for a band called Carolina Chocolate Drops. I took to Lala to listen to their unique, old-timey southern sound.

What bands have you recently discovered, and what resources do you use for finding new music?

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  1. Thank you for providing links, as I am a lazy mofo... I am currently loving Carolina Chocolate Drops, thanks to you. My favorite place for finding new- at the very least, new to ME- music is 8tracks.com, where you see I post a playlist from on FB nearly daily. It's cool, basically anyone can upload a playlist and anyone can listen. It's free, and when it's done with one playlist it moves on to the next. You can save playlists and songs you like, so if something comes up that I want to go hunting for later, I can find it.

    My recent favorite discoveries are Soulsavers, (Mark Lanegan is involved, how can I say now??) and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

    Thanks for directing me to Lala, though... that's a pretty cool site!