Sunday, December 20, 2009

MTV "News"

I was trolling the internet for an interesting topic for tonight's blog. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to look at MTV News, (Why not Blabbermouth, or at least something with a little substance?) but it did give me a topic, so here we are.

The top headlines are as follows:

Brittany Murphy's Death. Fair enough, she was a pop culture staple, but that's not music related.

Kevin Jonas Gets Married. I haven't been a teenager since 1999, so I don't care. I also didn't care about their equivalent from my generation: New Kids on the Block. Every girl in my elementary school rocked the t-shirt with their faces plastered across the front. I, on the other hand, rocked my dad's worn out Beatles t-shirt.

Lil Wayne Detained After Police Find Marijuana on Tour Bus. Really? This is information we should be shocked about?

I suppose it should come as no surprise to me that this is considered news in the land of MTV.
Scrolling nearly halfway down the page, I find ONE story that's actually about music: Rage Against the Machine's BBC performance of "Killing in the Name" is a top seller for a holiday singles contest.

The next headline containing actual music news? Miley Cyrus recorded a cover of Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" with Bret Michaels. Somewhere, children of the 80s are holding hands and shedding tears at the spectacle Bret Michaels has become. Err...I suppose he was always a spectacle. But this is just awful.
This, my friends, is enough "news" for one day. Sigh.

Ed. Note: I realize that bitching about MTV and its lack of music coverage is as cliche as it gets. Somehow, I still felt the need to address it.


  1. Brittany did release "Faster Kill Pussycat", which was a big dance single.

    The RATM single is interesting because a facebook group got together in opposition of the UK reality show "X Factor" and agreed to strategically all buy one album to fuck up their Top-40 list, which in the UK is pretty culturally significant. In other words, the internet actually successfully stopped pop culture because they didn't like it. Not the first time exactly (4chan got New Kids or Rick Astley or somebody as #1 on the MTV Countdown once) but definitely the biggest example I can think of.

    To be fair to Miley Cyrus, she danced on a stripper pole on Disney TV. She is sufficiently Poisoned to sing with Bret Michaels.

  2. ...or to be his next girlfriend? LOL

    Also, I read about the RATM/X-Factor thing a couple of days ago. Nice work, Rage fans.