Sunday, December 13, 2009

Of Nickelback and Creed

Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of either of these two bands. In fact, you can often hear me shouting my displeasure for Nickelback from the rooftops. I am, however, objective.

To be a fan of Nickelback or Creed is to receive a verbal assault about your poor musical taste. "Serious" music fans will lecture you about the watered down, generic tripe that is Nickelback. Yet somehow, this band has managed to sell Platinum with every major label record in their discography, up to six or eight times Platinum in some cases.

The key to their mega-sucess? Make relatable, catchy pop music. Who hasn't been young, had their heart broken, or had rockstar aspirations?

You've probably found yourself bashing your co-worker/next door neighbor/guy in traffic for blasting "With Arms Wide Open" or "Animals". Now you've got those songs stuck in your head. Now you're cursing me. They're catchy, they're infectious, and you can't help but learn every lyric, despite your best intentions.
You may not agree with Stapp's preening and posing. You may scoff at Kroeger's ridiculous bleach blonde hair. Regardless of this, the beat goes on.

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