Monday, December 28, 2009

Power Pop Playlist

Power Pop is easily one of my favorite music genres. Often, it's not given the credit it deserves. It's brushed aside as lacking substance, or just overlooked altogether.
Power Pop is danceable, hook-heavy, melodic sing-along music. It's catchy, infectious, and makes for a fantastic workout soundtrack. Bright and colorful, it's also great to throw on while getting ready to go out for a night of drinking and fun.
If my personality were a genre, it would probably be Power Pop.
Like the infamous little black dress we women are always referring to, Power Pop goes with everything.

Here is a playlist of some of my favorites:

Blur-"Girls and Boys"
Dandy Warhols-"We Used to Be Friends"
Jimmy Eat World-"Sweetness"
Matthew Sweet-"Girlfriend"
Elvis Costello and the Attractions-"No Action"
Head Automatica-"At the Speed of a Yellow Bullet"
Weezer-"Surf Wax America"
The Knack-"My Sharona"
O.K. Go-"Here it Goes Again"
The Wannadies-"You and Me Song"
Starsailor-"Silence is Easy"

What are your favorite powerpop bands and songs? If you had to characterize yourself as a musical genre, which would you be?

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