Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CD Prices Lowered

It was recently reported that Universal Music Group Distribution is lowering the overall cost of a cd to $10.00 or less. To this I say too little, too late. Seven years ago, I worked at an F.Y.E. music store. During this time, small music stores and relatively well-known chains alike were starting to close their doors across the nation. Business was suffering. Everyone from Tower Records to Virgin Megastores saw their demise due to poor record sales, largely due to the fact that internet downloads were increasing in popularity. Back then, the solution seemed simple to me. I was stocking the shelves of F.Y.E. with cd's whose stickers read upwards of $19.99. Wouldn't it make sense to lower the cost of the cd in order to move more product? My co-workers and I scoffed when a cd would go "on sale" for $15.99.
I do not fall in this camp, but many people my age (and many more in the generation below mine) are content to download a few songs off of the internet from an artist they like, without purchasing or even listening to the album in its entirety. An album is created to be a whole body of work, and should be treated as such.
I suppose music lovers from older generations still purchase cds, but most people tote around iPods these days, or listen to mp3s on a similar handheld device...even their cell phone.

What do you think about Universal lowering prices?

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  1. Too little too late, absolutely. I prefer downloading, myself. I have a MASSIVE CD collection, and to be honest, the hassle of storage and maintaining organization is just too much anymore. When I have the option of a digital or a hard copy, I take digital. And in instances as of late that I have purchased a CD, for the most part, I end up ripping the CD to the computer, and giving the CD to someone else.