Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chris Brown's Awkward Message to Fans

Following last year's scandal where he physically abused Rhianna, Chris Brown is so desperate to win back fans that he is recording audio messages asking them for support. In the awkward message, Brown states that a lot of radio stations aren't playing his records, and that he "can't be an underground mixtape artist". Coming off equal parts arrogant and pitiful, Brown often stumbles over his words and laughs nervously.
When you're a celebrity that makes a grave error in your personal life, fans take it to heart. Fans expect their favorite celebrities to set an example, and domestic abuse is not something that anyone takes lightly. Though an artist's work should stand independently of their personal life, we live in a world where pop culture is often the central focus of the news. It is easily accessible for anyone with a computer or internet capable handheld device.
Musicians and other celebrities are human, and therefore make mistakes just like everyone else.
I'm not a fan of Brown's music, but I am a fan of Scott Weiland's. Weiland was arrested for domestic violence several years ago, and it didn't make me want to stop listening to his music. It made me sad for him as a human being, that he couldn't get his act together, but I will always be a fan of his music.
Should the less than reputable actions of a musician be taken into consideration when judging their music?
When a musician you love does something stupid, does it change your opinion of them?

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  1. "When a musician you love does something stupid, does it change your opinion of them?"

    Only if it affects their music. Say, your bass player leaves and you refuse to let him come back? ;) Yeah, things like that will stay with me. But as far as their personal lives go? Not so much. I feel the same as anyone in the entertainment business- it's just a job.

    I get very frustrated by people who get mired in the personal details of anyone in the entertainment industry- at least anyone over the age of 16.

    Axl's ego got in the way of his music, so my opinion changed. Josh Homme dating PJ Harvey didn't change anything, so my opinion did not :)