Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Musicians Say The Darndest Things

Perusing, I came across this gem of a headline: Billy Corgan on John Mayer: "He's Trying to Destroy His Career". If that does not make you laugh, then you are a soulless human being whose funny bone was ripped out early in life.
When celebrities try to comment on the actions of their fellow species, the results are often hilarious at best. As we all know, celebrities are a mess. We're all a little messed up, sure. Maybe your dad wasn't around or your mom drank too much, but that can't come anywhere near the fucked up lives of famous people. So when they point out just how messed up someone else's life is, the irony is so great it's ridiculous.
How about instead of playing armchair psychiatrist, you stick to playing your music?
Sound like a deal?
What's the strangest thing you've heard one musician say about another?

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