Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miley Cyrus is Going to Quit Making Music

What? The headline wasn't awesome enough?
One less person making obnoxious, watered down, generic pop music. less person making it for her, I guess I should say.
Clearly she inherited her awesome musical talents from her equally musically gifted father.
Miley says she wants to focus on acting in the movies. This is her way of ruining another creative medium!
She's apparently releasing her last album in June, at least I think...I try not to pay too close attention to crap.

What "musician" do you wish would quit making music?


  1. Dido.

    Kelly Clarkson.

    Daniel Powter.

    LeeAnn Rimes.

    James Blunt.

  2. John Mayer...he is annoying and so is his music. I used to like him before his ego exploded.