Friday, March 12, 2010

Musicians and Tragedies

In light of Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse's recent death, I found it appropriate to address this subject. It seems the words "creative people" and "tortured soul" go hand in hand. What is it that drives some of music's most talented individuals to abuse their bodies, or worse, commit suicide?
The reason his death is even more hard to swallow is he survived a brush with death once, and he still ended his own life. Paraphrased from Wikipedia:

While on tour in 1996, Linkous overdosed on alcohol and other substances in his London hotel room. Rendered unconscious by the combination of drugs, he collapsed with his legs pinned beneath him, and remained in that position for almost fourteen hours. The resulting potassium buildup caused his heart to stop for several minutes after his body was lifted up. Subsequent surgeries saved both legs but left him wheelchair bound for months.

I recently discussed here the deaths of Layne Staley and Bradley Nowell, two more musicians with a history of drug abuse and depression. Personally, I have never battled depression, so it is difficult for me to wrap my head around wanting to end my life.
Kurt Cobain, Jon Bonham, Ian Curtis, Shannon Hoon, Hillel Slovak...just to name a few. All with a history of depression, drug and alcohol abuse, or both.
So sad that so many talented individuals couldn't find the help they so desperately needed to turn things around.

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