Monday, March 29, 2010

Ricky Martin Announces Homosexuality...

...and I am just as shocked about this one as I was when Clay Aiken came out. I'm happy for you, Ricky. You just announced to the world one of the most obvious statements ever made.
In his official statement, Ricky discusses how he was hesitant to come out, and pressured by others into remaining silent. Conveniently, now that it has been several years since receiving any mainstream media attention, he decides it's the perfect time to let everyone know what we've always known.
Lance Bass, Clay Aiken, and now Ricky. None were shocking revelations. None were at the height of their popularity. It's always good to see someone be true to themselves and who they are, but for the right reasons.
Maybe I've got this all wrong. I'm not gay, so I have no idea what it must be like. Would anyone care to correct me on this, or do you support my opinion that this seems more like a play for some press than an honest-to-goodness declaration of sexuality.

What say you, dear readers?

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