Friday, January 29, 2010

Missing Metallica Fan Found

I was absolutely appalled when I was searching for Metallica news online last night in preparation for my radio show and stumbled across the above article. I realize it's called an opinion column for a reason, but this man is still a reporter and should know better. The basic gist he states in the column is that Morgan Harrington, the woman who was kidnapped and killed when she left a Metallica concert late last year, is to blame for her own disappearance and death. Should she have used discretion and not hitchhiked home with a complete stranger? Absolutely. But we've all been 20 years old, and sometimes our judgement is poor. The author accuses her of wanting to be a part of the "party crowd". I've been going to concerts since the age of five, and I would hardly call myself part of the "party crowd" because I enjoy going to shows. This woman was murdered, but shame on her for making a bad decision?
Absolutely uncalled for.
What do YOU think?

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