Friday, January 15, 2010

Video Game Soundtracks

When I began this blog, my only rule was to write about music. I didn't want the focus to be strictly on music news, or genre intensive. Just any observation I have about music and the way it impacts my life. So it should come as no surprise that I'm set to ramble about the joys of video game nerdery, and the music that accompanies it. Recently, my husband and I pooled our Christmas money together and purchased a Wii. I've been playing a silly and addictive game called "Animal Crossing: City Folk", and the music in it changes hourly, and sets a tone for the time of day. Morning and afternoon songs are light and fun, and as the day wears on, the songs become more mellow and subdued. Kris asked me if I knew ths music by heart, and I do, from playing another one of the titles I used to own for Nintendo D.S. I told him it wasn't that unusual, and betted he could recite the music from the Mario Bros. games, as any child of the 80s probably can. Sure enough, he started that theme for Super Mario Bros. 1 that we know so well. He challenged me to reciting the music for the castle stage, and I knew it immediately.
There are video games that are notorious for getting their catchy tunes stuck in the gamer's head. Sometimes, as in the Grand Theft Auto titles, the songs are ones you recognize from "real life".
In the same vein, you can't tell me after several hours straight playing Guitar Hero, that you don't hear "War Pigs" on the radio and have nightmares about flipping the neck of your guitar up fast enough to get star power.

What are your favorite video game songs?


  1. I have to say, the Madden and the NHL games for Playstation introduced me to a lot of music over the years, as Rob played them incessantly! Madden 2005 brought me Mooney Suzuki, Franz Ferdinand, Ozomatli, and a rediscovering of Faith No More, all on its own! Tony Hawk soundtracks, Road Rash... man. Good stuff!

    But as far as regular video game music, Mario wins the earworm award. Some will say that the music from Katamari Damacy is extremely catchy as well, but I have to say, I didn't notice it myself.

  2. Never heard of Katamari Damacy. What is it about?

  3. From wiki: "The game's plot concerns a diminutive prince on a mission to rebuild the stars, constellations, and Moon, which were accidentally destroyed by his father, the King of All Cosmos. This is achieved by rolling a magical, highly adhesive ball called a katamari around various locations, collecting increasingly greater objects, ranging from thumbtacks to people to mountains, until the ball has grown great enough to become a star."

    It is, as you can imagine, very... very... odd.

  4. Sounds like a fever dream I could get highly addicted to. LOL