Monday, January 4, 2010

Reunited and it Feels So Good

2010 is the start of a new decade, and a reason to start fresh. But it seems many bands are taking this new decade as an opportunity to move forward by turning their past into the future.
Alice in Chains and Creed both reunited within the last year or so, releasing Black Gives Way to Blue and Full Circle, respectively. They will both continue to tour this year.
This series of events paved the way for several other 80s and 90s bands to follow suit.
Stone Temple Pilots announced in January 2009 that they would be touring and recording a new album, their first since 2001's Shangri-La Dee Da. The new album is set to be released this spring.
Blink-182 will continue to tour in 2010, and release their first new album since 2004.
Faith No More is currently touring Europe and Australia, though there are no definite plans for a new album. The Pixies are gearing up to record a new album this year, their first since 1991's Trompe Le Monde.
Most recently, Chris Cornell took to his Twitter account on New Year's Day to announce that Soundgarden has officially reunited and will be touring. Though there is talk of a b-sides box-set, no release has been planned yet.
So with all of this reuniting, will we see the decline of mish-mashed supergroups such as Audioslave and Velvet Revolver?
Who has yet to get back together that you are hoping will do so?


  1. So the Soundgarden thing has piqued my interest. Reunions are not something I am normally into- they smack to me of being just a money making machine, something to do when well becomes too dry after a "creative differences" split. But Soundgarden... I saw some video of Ben, Kim and Matt playing some shows earlier last year, and they still seemed into playing together, and it sounded AWESOME. Chris Cornell, though, I am concerned. I feel like he's blown his voice... and to me, he's just not a rock guy anymore. Will Soundgarden come back as a shadow of its former self? I'll be watching. But honestly, the last thing I liked was Superunknown. I didn't enjoy Audioslave at all. Maybe it's just all his fault.

    Other than them, I feel like a reunion tour is something that kids can go to so they can point and laugh at the old guys on stage, and the old guys rocking out. Something to catch at the county fair. The GnR thing last year was like a cover band practically, and I refused to participate, as I wanted to hang on to the GnR in my head that I love so dearly. Same thing with Alice in Chains. I feel like once a band has split for creative reasons (not the case with AIC, of course), they've done their best work together. The passion of performing together is gone. Am I wrong on this one? I dunno...

    Faith No More is doing it for the money. The Pixies? Probably not.

    The only reunion I would dig seeing would be for Josh Homme to bring Nick Oliveri back to QOTSA... it's just not the same without him.

  2. Meh, I liked Audioslave. But I saw Cornell open for Linkin Park at Projekt Revolution in 2007 and he had a bunch of guys backing him up that looked younger than us. That was just sad.
    GnR was a joke for the most part, I had tickets through the station so I went out of curiosity.
    AIC isn't the same without Layne, but at least William DuVall is someone the band has known for a long time, and not just a guy that was plucked from an AIC cover band.