Thursday, January 7, 2010

Music for Television

As a lifetime fan of music, I notice even when it is supposed to be in the background. I applaud when it is evident that a song has been carefully chosen to match the mood and tone of a scene in a television show. When a music director does not take the time to think the score through, it can be distracting. The most classic example of this is the overuse of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". Countless scenes of death and tragic loss are often scored with this song, to the point of predictability.

While watching Heroes, I often find myself thinking aloud how appropriate a song is matched to a certain scene. This is especially true for flashback scenes, which incorporate songs that were popular during the era, such as a scene from the 60s featuring Del Shannon's "Runaway".

During Monday's episode, my husband and I noticed several characters quoting song titles and lyrics conversationally, as part of their dialogue.

Finding references to music hidden within television shows is like unearthing hidden treasures.

Which television shows do you think have the best soundtrack?

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