Sunday, January 17, 2010

You'd Think That People Would've Had Enough of Silly Love Songs

It was suggested to me that I write a blog about songs for people in love. Here are a few of my favorites, bearing in mind that not everything about love is sunshine and roses:

The Aquabats!-"Red Sweater!" About as simple a love song as they come. It's fun, it's cute, and it's true love: Lead singer MCBC is so enamored, he doesn't care if they live together in a garbage can!

The Beatles- "I've Just Seen A Face" Falling in love for the first time never seemed so sweet.

Blink 182- "Josie" A girl that brings her man Mexican food and doesn't get jealous? Sounds like love to me.

Weezer-"Only in Dreams" Rivers Cuomo sings about being in love with a girl that may or may not reciprocate. A feeling we can all relate to.

Dave Matthews Band- "I'll Back You Up" Dave Matthews knows how to write a love song. In this one, he recognizes that love and compromise is not always easy, but he will back up the woman he loves no matter what.

Foo Fighters-"Dear Lover" The subject of this song is in love, and wondering if the object of his affection feels the same.

Incubus-"Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)" The wordplay is just beautiful and poetic in this song.

Jeff Buckley-"Lover, You Should've Come Over" An apology for the mistakes he made in a relationship gone wrong, and a desperate plea to make amends.

John Legend-"Stay With You" A love that has seen many trials, but in the end remains strong.

Monkees-"You just May Be the One" Plainly said, the subject of the song knows what he wants in a woman and may have found it.

What are your favorite songs about love?


  1. Autumn Sweater by Yo La Tengo. A love song, but a very tenative love song... It's made more interesting by the fact that the singer and the drummer of the band are married. Feels like a long established couple is trying to bring the romance back. It's a very sweet, if a little heartbreaking, song.

  2. Not too familiar with them. Will have to check it out.

  3. Saturn's Light by Deb Talan is perfect for the lovable but unloved.

    and anything at all on The Weepies (Deb Talan and her honey) "Say I Am You" but especially Gotta Have You. That entire album is like one giant musical crush.