Monday, January 25, 2010

Live Nation/Ticketmaster Merger

One of the biggest changes in the history of live music is taking place, as the Live Nation concert promotions and Ticketmaster have finally been approved to merge into one large business: Live Nation Entertainment.
About ten or so years ago, there was viable competition from other concert ticket sellers like Cellar Door Productions and SFX Entertainment. Those companies were bought out by Live Nation, thereby eliminating said competition.
Many in the industry, myself included, are disappointed to see this merger. It's hard to have a fair and level playing field when the big dogs bullied everyone else off the playground.
Some artists and talent managers are hopeful that this merge will mean increased opportunities for package deals like touring and merch combined with physical album releases.
As a music fan, it's hard to accept, but you feel almost helpless. If you "protest" by only going to concerts run by independent promoters and venues, you are only punishing yourself, as you miss out on the biggest shows by bands you love to see perform live and are more than happy to support.
How do YOU feel about this merger, and what it means to you?


  1. I think the new name should be Nationmaster, since we will now be the slaves a live music monopoly. I have never liked ticketmaster, and live nation was much worst (Over $20 in ticket fees is unjust). So a merge of the two sounds like my poor self will no longer be able to afford live music. Except Dave Matthews through the fan club and local venues...

  2. Holy shit. $50 service fees here we come. =(

  3. Seeing as how what I prefer to go to anymore are tiny shows and local bands, the effect it will have on me is pretty minimal. But I will still make every effort to buy my Nationmaster run event tickets at the box office.

  4. Yeah, I'm pretty unhappy with this turn of events. :(

  5. it's always been ticketbastard for me